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Camden Cycling Campaign maps

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The Camden Cycling Campaign route map for the Camden area of London. source

Camden Cycling Campaign maps provides London cyclists with a browsable interactive map offering a wide variety of views ranging from overviews of the routes making up the London Cycle Network to close-up and satellite views of intersections showing positions of resources such as bike stands and shops as well as road features of special interest to cyclists (cycle gaps, toucan crossings, special hazards, etc.)[1]



A set of interactive web-based maps exploiting the Google maps look and feel but with both Google Maps and the Gravitystorm OpenStreetMap cycle map available as backgrounds and with interactive routes and markers overlaid.

They offer a range of scales and views and the ability to selectively hide or show details according to individual user needs.

Unregistered users can browse the maps and select features for display. Registered users are able to add new resources (routes, stands, hazard markers, etc.). This ability to add to and update the map enables cycle campaigners and others to maintain a shared geographic database on the status of the London cycle network and proposals for its development.

The map includes a feature for getting routes planned automatically using the Cambridge Cycling Campaign's Journey Planner system. This feature employs an extract of the OpenStreetMap database for central London to generate the routes and is currently experimental because it is restricted to Central London and the quality of the routes is dependent on the quality of the data in OSM database.

These maps complement the paper-based cycling maps produced by the London Cycling Campaign and Transport for London.

Developed and managed by volunteers from the Camden Cycling Campaign (a local subgroup of the London Cycling Campaign).


  • George Coulouris - concept and programming
  • Jean Dollimore - data coordination


Conceived in early 2007 and launched in May 2007 as a tool for sharing detailed knowledge about cycle facilities in one borough (Camden). Developed further throughout 2007 to offer London-wide facilities.


Currently (June 2008) holds details of ~ 160 cycle routes, ~500 cycle parking locations, ~100 hazards, ~60 consultations with local authorities.

Receives ~ 80 visitors per day.

Users range from individual cyclists seeking routes or other resources to cycle campaign leaders using it to record and share information with campaign members more effectively.

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  1. Charting a new course London Cyclist, October 2007
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