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Cambridge cycle journey planner

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Example of a route display in journey planner. source

An online cycle journey planner developed by members of Cambridge Cycling Campaign that relies on route information added by volunteers. The public can then use the website to plan either the fastest, quietest or shortest routes around Cambridge. The same system is now used across the UK, and is known as CycleStreets. It also allows photos to be uploaded to visualise the route or to point out problems or obstructions which need attention. Is is also possible to add information for other places to the website.

The website can be used to plan journeys across the city either by clicking on the map or typing in an address. One can then select shortest, fastest or quickest and the site comes back with the route.

It is possible to see photos along the route and to play a slideshow of the route. One can also show the route as a 'fly through' using Google Earth.

It is also possible to add data to the journey planner, describing both the geometry of links (sections of route) and nodes (junctions) and also the attributes regarding surface, speed and danger. The product uses OpenStreetMap as the default data source, with extra map data viewable on it; users can also choose from a Mapnik or OS Open Data view.

One can also view photos view photos and add photos in a number of different categories.


The journey planner software was developed by Simon Nuttall who is a cycling enthusiast and cycling campaigner.


No existing maps to show cycle routes with enough meaning to the range of types of cyclists.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign was launched in June '95. The first paper map was given out in October '99 to students and city residents. Not sure when the online version was triggered. Cambridge city boundary, UK (Between March 01-Oct 03?)

The planner was launched on 27th June 2006[1]. The same system was adopted for use in Wolverhampton[2]. It has since gone nation wide as a system called CycleStreets, which was launched in March 2009.

In a separate but related initiative, local cyclist David Earl has mapped the whole of Cambridge and surrounding villages for OpenStreetMap and this data can be used within the Cambridge Cycle Journey Planner.[3]. David finished this mapping Cambridge in January 2006, he has now nearly completed the mapping of South Cambridgeshire and is now extending his mapping into North Essex and Hertfordshire. [4]


The Cambridge cycle journey planner Photomap. source

The photomap currently contains 13,133 photos of cycling infrastructure, from 80 contributors. [5]. It is being used by the Cambridge Cycling Campaign to highlight areas with cycle related problems (e.g. lack of cycle parking).[6].

The journey planner currently contains data contributed by 44 individuals which together cover 5,249 ways with approximately 76 journeys are planned using the site every 24 hours.</ref name=ccm>.

In 2007, Simon along with fellow developer Martin (also from the Cambridge Cycling Campaign) was invited to meet with representatives of the Department of Transport to advise on the creation of a nationwide cycle route system. Simon Nuttall was invited to join the working group to define a national data collection standard for cycling data to support the UK Cycle Journey Planner. [3]

2012 Status

With the advent of CycleStreets the focus has moved beyond the Cambridge Cycle Planner, but it remains the seed that the larger project grew from. Development on this innovation though now occurs through the larger scheme.

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