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A screenshot of BristolStreets showing bus routes and bus stop information. source

BristolStreets is an online interactive map that allows users to explore, and discuss, transport options in the city of Bristol, UK, viewed over an OpenStreetMap base.



BristolStreets allows users to find the location of various transport options in Bristol, this includes: bus routes with bus stops and timetables for individual stops; cycle routes, cycle parking and cycle shops; rail, ferry, taxi rank and car club parking locations are all viewable as well as car parking and road works locations.

Other information is also viewable such as the location of hospitals, properties for sale and green businesses, organisations and community groups. A 'quiet map' is also viewable that displays a contour map of environmental noise and user identified 'quiet' locations.

Users can also contribute locations to the environmental green map and add routes places to the cycle map.

The site also allows visitors to comment on both topics and individual points of the transport system. This is to facilitate discussion and raise awareness of transportation issues.

The innovation is self funded and maintained.[1]


BristolStreets was created in 2007.[2]

BristolStreets has attracted the attention of Bristol City Council, and helps it to survey the public for their opinions on transport provision.[3]

BristolStreets version 5 was released in January 2012. [4]

2012 status

BristolStreets has become involved in dialogues with Bristol City Council on transport issues. It is a well maintained site, with an active community. Development is ongoing on the site.

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