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Crash types in Seattle, Washinton as marked in Bikewise.

Bikewise is a Google Maps mashup for bicyclists to record crashes, hazards and bicycle theft.



The aim of Bikewise is to collect the details on crashes, road hazards and places of high bicycle theft and to to pass them along to the relevant local authorities. Using Google Maps uses can place color-coded pins for different types of crashes, hazards and thefts. Clicking on each pin gives you brief details and a link that takes you to full reports. The hazards portion of the site allows multiple users to contribute their comments regarding a hazard, and displays a status of pending or resolved.[1]


Bikewise is run by the Cascade Bicycle Club, in partnership with sustainability activist and software developer Phil Mitchell. Although based in Seattle, Washington, thes site is intended to be useful anywhere in the world.[2]

The site was launched in May 2009.

Future developments

There are plans to add additional features for community interaction, a system to track stolen bicycles and a mobile version of the site is in the works.[1]

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