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The Bikemap route search map. source is an online application created by Toursprung that enables users to create and share overlay maps of cycling routes.


Product allows cycle routes to be plotted over either Google Maps or OpenStreetMap base mapping data using point to point lines to define a route. Points of interest along the route as well as a title, description and route categorisation can also be added. The site will automatically generate a distance in km and an elevation graph for the route. It also allows for the export of the route as a .kml or .gpx file for use in Google Earth and GPS devices.

People was created by Peter Eich and Helge Fahrnberger of Toursprung with software development by Max Demmelbauer, graphics by Tina Fleck and HTML and CSS by J├╝rgen Koller.


An example of a route display page. source

Toursprung was founded in late 2007 by Peter Eich and Helge Fahrnberger and subsequently created Bikemap, Wandermap, Runmap, Inlinemap and Mopedmap. Each site allows the creation of overlay route maps for cycling, hiking, running, inline skating and moped routes respectively.


As of February 2009 there are 63,381 submitted cycle routes totaling 4.7 million km.

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