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A screenshot of the Bikely route viewer. source

Bikely aims to help cyclists share knowledge of good bicycle routes and allows users to create and share new bike routes.



Bikely enables users to share and discover cycling routes. Routes are searchable by location, distance and tags. Users can create new routes by adding waypoints and drawing the route over a Google Maps base. The total distance and an elevation profile are automatically generated. All routes are exportable as .GPX and .KML files.


Bikely was created in 2006, and bought by Future Publishing in 2007 for their new Bike Radar site [1], a derived application is also used on their Motowhere and Stepwhere sites for motorcycling and walking respectively.

Bikely was given an overhaul in mid 2011, to upgrade functionality and stability.[2]

2012 Status

New routes are uploaded to Bikely with good frequency from all over the world.<.refBikely Routes - Bikely</ref> Though I was unable to find any links to the Bikely site from, though BikeRadar does host an active Bikely forum, which reports Bikely bugs and discusses lack of use by non-users of the innovation. Many of these bugs may have been produced by the upgrade of Bikely in mid 2011.

External Links


  1. Check Out - Bike Radar
  2. Bikely Update - BikeRadar: Bikely Forum
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