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Screenshot of the Bikehike route viewer. source

Bikehike allows users to create cycling routes overlaid onto either a Google Maps or Ordinance Survey (OS) map base.



Bikehike allows users to upload routes from GPS data or to create routes directly onto a map base. Distance, elevation and gradient data are generated for each route and users can search for other cycling routes within a requested area. Users can also add waypoints and points of interest to a route. Routes are then available for printing over a Google Maps or an OS map base.

Routes are individually editable and can be downloaded in .tcx, .gpx and .txt file formats.

The OS maps are provided free via the OS Openspace project. However, they impose a restriction on the number of map tiles they provide per day. Once this restriction is reached no OS maps can be displayed on Bikehike until the following day.


Bikehike was launched in April 2008.

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