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Jump to: navigation, search is Ben Marsh's website, and contains links to some of his mash-ups and web apps. His most famous project could well be UK Snow, which received coverage by the Guardian newspaper in the snowy winter of 2009/10. These mash-ups places tweets onto a map by reading the postcode contained within the tweet.


UK Snow

Was created in February 2009. It was reborn as UK Snow 2.0 in December 2009. It worked from structured 'tweets' which the postcode could be read from, as well as a snow rating out of 10; from this the corresponding snow symbol would be placed on the region the postcode was for.[1] It has returned again for 2010 becoming a winter staple of twitter.

UK Hols

Vodafone commissioned the creation of this map mash-up, showing people's planned holiday destinations. It included how far they were travelling and displayed their destination as well as home location on the map. [2]

Mood of the nation

A map of peoples moods, both good and bad, the moods are colour coded with pink for good moods and grey for bad. It appears to be able to collect non-hash tagged tweets. This mash-up was released in January 2010, as a commission for [3]

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UK Snow


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  3. Mood of the nation -
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