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Avego Shared Transport

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Avego Shared Transport is an iPhone application from Avego that allows drivers to advertise spare seats in their car in real time for the purpose of ride sharing. The app has payment capabilities as well as the ability to update the journey in real time.



Avego Shared Transport makes it easy to match a driver's spare seats on a journey with a passenger's request for transport. Drivers automatically receive a small fee from their passengers which makes the concept of sharing spare seats more attractive to drivers and encouraging uptake. Passenger are provided with expanded and lower-cost commuting options and can access real-time passenger information about when they will be picked up.[1] The product is available on both iPhone and Windows Mobile devices.


Avego Shared Transport was created by Avego, a company founded in 2007. It has offices around the world, and provides its services to transport operators and governments across the globe.[2]


Avego Shared Transport was launched in December 2008.[3] In 2011 Avego Shared Transport was given a Windows Mobile version as well.[4]

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