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Alt Fuel Prices

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A screenshot of New York fuel stations in Alt Fuel Prices. source

Alt Fuel Prices use a Google Map application to provide the location and other information of fuel stations where alternative fuels such as biodiesel, E85 Ethanol and LNG are available.



Users can search on a map for locations where biodiesel, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), E85 ethanol, electric, hydrogen, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and LPG (Liquefied Propane Gas) fuel are available. Information such as the contact details, fuel price and opening hours are also viewable.

Users can comment on individual fuel station, update the fuel prices and provide information on new fuel station locations. Since its release to the public, the service has gone global. However, it appears the data for the UK is sparse, though The Netherlands and parts of Germany have very good coverage.

Alt Fuel Prices also provides a Google Map routing service that shows the location of stations for your chosen fuel along your route.


Alt Fuel Prices started as purely for CNG fuel stations but expanded to included other forms of alternative fuels. Alt Fuel Prices began as a US centered project, but has since expanded to provide global coverage.

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