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Airport Transfer Service

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A screenshot of the Airport Transfer Service frontpage. source

Airport Transfer Service provide shared, private and group transport hire from airports around Europe.



Airport Transfer Service are an on-line broker of transport services across Europe focusing on airport-resort transfers using shared taxis, but also offering an easy way of booking vehicles for private transfers, including taxi, minibuses and also coaches. Started by an operator of chalets in the Alps, the service now operates in 17 countries in Europe and advertises services for 'every airport, train station and postcode in the UK'.[1]


ATS was started by an English operator of chalets in the alps who needed to get people from the airport up to the resorts. His clients typically had a lot of luggage, had no need for a car when they were at the resort. The resorts were some distance from the airport making a exclusive use taxi would have been too high.

Initially the chalet operator used his own vehicles but they teamed up with a local taxi operator to provide the actual service and also used a English IT company that was operating a successful ski related website for the area to write the booking system.

A new company which was independent of the chalet operation was established to operate the service. They then started operating the same service in other parts of Europe as a system for both booking exclusive-use taxis as well as shared 'shuttle' services. As well as booking taxis, clients could also book larger vehicles including coaches over the web.

They later were selected by easyJet to provide a branded service for all easyJet's destinations in Europe, picking up other travel operators and airlines over time.

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