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The Abogo logo.

Abogo is a website and app that calculates the average, monthly, transportation costs and carbon dioxide emissions for a household in a given neighbourhood. Currently the site only works for US addresses.



Abogo was created by CNT, the Center for Neighbourhood Technology, as a way to highlight the transport costs different locations have. It uses CNT's Housing and Transport Affordability index which means it only works for 337 US metropolitan regions.

The data is shown on a Google Maps map, colour coded by average monthly transport expenditure.

Currently, you enter the address or zip code you would like to see the average transport costs per household of, and the site will calculate them along with average carbon dioxide emissions for you. There is development in the works to allow for greater customisation of the results, including allowing for household size and personalised transport. [1]


Abogo released as a public beta on July 22, 2010. Since then it has garnered some media attention from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. [2]

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