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A Greener Festival

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The Greener Festival Awards 2008 logo. source (pdf)

A Greener Festival is a not-for-profit limited company. It helps music and arts events and festivals adopt environmentally efficient practices - by providing information, education resources and encouraging the exchange of ideas.



A Greener Festival website promotes good environmental policies for festival and event organisers. It provides a range of resources and links, and a message board that is used to exchange good ideas.


Information is provided on:

  • Our Planet, Our Environment
  • Traffic Congestion & Travel
  • Waste Management at Festivals
  • Co2 Emissions
  • Noise Pollution
  • Land Damage
  • Summary of Research

Greener Festival awards

They run an annual Greener Festival Award to showcase events that are incorporating environmental best practice.

In 2008 four UK festivals and eight international festivals were awarded the 'Greener Festival Award' and three of the UK Festivals were awarded the 'outstanding' mark. Applications for the 2009 awards were announced in February 2009.[1]


The project was started by Ben Challis, Luke Westbury and Claire O'Neill based on research data from Claire's final year dissertation titled 'Should UK Music Festival Organisers Implement Environmentally Friendly Practices into Event Management?'.


It has run successful awards and conferences and gained the support of a large number of organisations.[2]

2012 Status

The blog is updated regularly, though the research is from 2009 and before. The project appears to be progressing well, and now runs large events which include representatives of the BBC and Glastonbury Festival, and their awards scheme has gone international. [3] [4]

A Greener Festival is the first result in Google when searching for "a greener festival", and its awards scheme dominates the rest of the first page.

External Links

A Greener Festival


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  2. Who are we
  3. A Greener Festival - Green events and panelists and speakers announced
  4. A Greener Festival - on the map award winners 2011
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