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The Cleveland brand since the beginning of the inception uphold the innovative motivation and passion, along with the brand continues to lead. In 1975, claim to be "mad scientists" scientific madman Jim Jannard (Jim Leonard Jane) using hand limited to $300, and dedication and unique ideas, break the existing rules, shabby garage lab at that time, research and development professional off-road motorcycles dedicated hand set. When motorcycle handle round rubber hose, no comfort, once stained with water will skid, Jim Jannard (Jim Leonard Jane) using new materials and unique decorative pattern design Unobtainium, enhance players when racing car hand in hand feeling and perspiration function. This is the first product of Oakley. The product was awarded two patents, Jannard established the Oakley brand with the innovative spirit of transcendence.

In the early 80 s he was an active triathlon athletes. In 1990 he began his racing career and became a Cheap Oakley Sunglasses athletes, a year after he won the U.S. amateur titles. In 1993, he became the world's youngest champion the road and he cut a figure in the tour DE France. In later 1996, the lance was diagnosed with testicular cancer cancer cells to spread to the lungs, then hit his brain, and lance in his former team no longer enjoy health insurance and no sponsor his financial support. When America signed an extension to his contract with lance America not only employed him as a formal employee and to pay for health insurance for him. Lance, never give up, and OAKLEY also never give up lance. Lance has completed the greatest recovery, in 1999 he won the tour DE France for the first time. For more than 5 years he gained at least five victories, he after a serious illness condition more than ever, to become one of the most respect person in the world. He has always been the OAKLEY techniques used in the fierce competition, because he knew that OAKLEY, high-tech and perfect design can help him and also know that he has the same vision and OAKLEY

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